What's This All About?

We are a group of local volunteers trying to start a discussion about bringing a new community and recreation center to Hutchinson. This is at a very early stage, but the idea would be to bring a community center that would include things like a small indoor water park with some swim lanes, a walking/running track, some gym area, a fitness equipment area, a community meeting room and more. Several amenities have been suggested.

Why Now?

The City of Hutchinson has some funding available from the Hospital and Clinic merger, approximately $1.35 million. The funds are required to be spent on wellness. The City is proposing spending this on a new outdoor pool. Our goal is to show there is enough interest in a true community and recreation center to warrant allocating the funds to a center instead.

Why Does It Matter?

The outdoor pool is appealing to people in Hutchinson. The current pool is outdated compared to the newer aquatic centers surrounding the Hutchinson area. Places like Gaylord, Glencoe, Silver Lake, and soon Litchfield,have nice aquatic centers. It's know that some residents of Hutchinson drive to these facilities in the summer. The outdoor pool could be utilized about 3 months out of the year.

We've also heard demand for a center that could be used year round. Something that would include more than just swimming. Something like other communities have that includes an small indoor waterpark, a running and walking track, some fitness equipment and more. It seems like the wellness funds would be better spent as the foundation of a new community and recreation center. There is nothing like this within 35 miles of Hutchinson so there is potential this will also draw people from surrounding areas to Hutchinson.

Read The Long Version

We made our case in a letter we sent to City officials and leaders. You can see the full letter here.

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[Video] Our visit to the Redwood Area Community Center

In early November, Jason Werowinski went to Redwood Falls to take a tour and grab some video at the Redwood Area Community Center (RACC) in Redwood Falls Minnesota. Many people have mentioned this facility as a "must see" when discussing community and recreation centers in Minnesota. There is a good reason for these accolades, Redwood Falls has a population of about 5,000 people, yet managed to build a facility that towns of greater size and potentially resources have not.

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